Travellers Guide to Perth’s Best Beaches

Aerial view of the beach near Be Fremantle

The variety of beaches is a major tourist draw to Fremantle and one of the major reasons why tourists choose to stay in Fremantle over Perth. To make the most out of your visit, staying at the Be. Fremantle property gives you easy access to many of the area’s best beaches. You’ll discover unique beaches lining the entire shore.

We’ve broken up this blog up into our best recommendations for beaches that are close by to our hotel, two of the most popular beaches are within walking distance from Be. Fremantle,  as well as providing you with great beaches that are further afar and are accessible either by walking, riding (using Be Bikes), driving or using the free CAT bus service.

Here are some of Perth’s best beaches worth visiting.

Be. Fremantle’s Top Beaches

Port Beach

In North Fremantle, you’ll come across Port Beach. Port Beach is a metropolitan beach which stretches from Swan River to Leighton Beach. It’s become a destination for those who enjoy water sports. Depending on the day, the beaches turquoise waters are perfect for swimmers, snorkelers and stand-up paddle boarders.  When the wind is up the kite surfers come out to play which can be a great spectacle along this piece of coast-line.

Snorkelling is also a common beach activity here. Aside from the water sports, it’s a relaxing beach featuring a local café called Coast which is a perfect way to wind down, relax and enjoy a coffee or cup of tea while staring at the ocean – you might even find the faint outline of Rottness Island on a clear day.


South Beach

South Beach is a long stretch of beach found in the southern part of Fremantle, one of the trendiest areas of the city. South beach is divided into two distinct areas. The north section which is specified as a dog beach. Locals frequently bring their pets to this part of the beach which has easy access to the grassy areas found surrounding the beach.

The white sand beach is complimented by rolling dunes and outdoor facilities for recreation, cooking out, and a kids’ play area. South Beach is considered one of the best places in Fremantle for watching the sunset.

On Saturdays, it hosts the South Beach Sunset Market.

Leighton Beach

Leighton Beach is adjacent to Port Beach and shares many of the same beach characteristics. While swimming and snorkelling are favourite activities here, the waves aren’t as defined as along Port Beach.

The northern section of the beach is considered Leighton Dog Beach, with a specified dog exercise area. Paths are found along the beach for leisure strolls or jogging. Leighton Beach hosts events throughout the year including the “Swim Thru Leighton” and the “Day at the Beach Triathlon.”

The region of Fremantle surrounding Leighton Beach is being developed into a residential zone, which will attract more shops, restaurants, and pubs.


Cottesloe Beach

The famous Cottesloe beach is another great option for travellers or locals close to Fremantle. You can easily take the nearby public transportation from Be. Fremantle right to Cottesloe township followed by a short 10 to 15-minute walk to hit the beach.

Cottesloe is divided into three sections. The main beach which is the most visited and where you can swim or just relax in the shade on the grassy slopes over-looking the beach. The northern side of the beach which is a hub for snorkelling. It’s considered one of the best places in Perth to witness the abundant marine life. The southern end of the beach is a surfer’s haven. There isn’t much beach on this side, but you’ll find perfect waves.


The Basin, Rottnest Island

A short 25-minute ferry trip from Fremantle is Rottnest Island’s idyllic swimming beach “The Basin”. A popular beach with locals and visitors alike due to its often-crystal clear waters over white sand.

There are more than 60 beaches that you can spend time at which may include water sports, snorkelling, fishing, or lounging in the sand. Many of the beaches are family friendly. It’s an easy day -trip from the Be. Fremantle property and we have specials and packages available which include the ferry trip in your stay.


Bathers Beach

Bathers Beach is a popular city beach just a short stroll from Be Fremantle and close to all the action of the town and fishing boat harbour. Ideally situated the beach also has serviced beach lounges on offer from Bather’s Beach house for those wanting to indulge. The beach extends 300 meters, offering different experiences from its northern or southern ends. Both sides are worth exploring.

Bathers Beach is also a historic beach of Fremantle. It’s the location where the first settlers began to arrive from Europe. It may also be referred to as Whalers Beach. Many whaling companies operated from the harbour in the past.


Other Popular Perth Beaches

Scarborough Beach

From Be. Fremantle, you’ll be a short drive away from the most popular beach in Perth, Scarborough Beach. The beach is suitable for visitors of all ages. Beach activities such as swimming, surfing, or sunbathing are common. The blue waters and white sand beaches make it the perfect place for lounging around or enjoying the beach scenery. A highlight feature of the beach is the amphitheatre, the only one of its kind in Western Australia. Live entertainment is hosted here during the Summer season.


Mettam’s Pool

High traffic beaches aren’t the only thing that you’ll find further north up the coast of Fremantle. You’ll have easy access to some hidden beaches. Mettam’s Pool, for example, is a lesser known beach gem. It is one of the best natural rock pools that you’ll find in Perth.

It’s surrounded by a coral reef which has been protected by the marine park that it’s a part of. As you can imagine, snorkelling is very popular here. In the Summertime, the beach is more family-friendly thanks to the calm waters. The winter time typically has more massive waves at this location.


Trigg Beach

Trigg Beach was named after a colony settler back in the 1800s. While the naming origins aren’t as significant to visitors anymore, it’s developed into a major attraction for surfers. Trigg Beach is known as a surfer’s beach with surf-able conditions year-round.

The most common section for surfing is close to Trigg Island. It’s even become a hangout for surfers in between sessions. Throughout the rest of the beach is welcoming for surfers of all ages and skill level. While taking a break from the water you can enjoy a meal or cuppa at the Trigg Island Café.

Swanbourne Beach

If you were to head a little further north from Cottelsoe, you’d soon end up at Swanbourne Beach – a short drive from Be Fremantle again. It’s a unique beach compared to many of the other nearby beaches for a couple of reasons. The first is the location. It’s close to a military base. At any moment, you could hear shots going off at the rifle range behind the dunes.

The second distinct characteristic of the beach is that it includes an area designated for nudists for those who are feeling more adventurous.

City Beach

City Beach is a more exclusive beach near to Be. Fremantle. When you arrive at this beach, you’ll quickly notice the lack of large crowds here and the overall cleanliness of the beach. It’s also smaller compared to other beaches. So, what makes the beach a favourite for visitors?

If you’re looking for a quiet place to spend time at the beach, then City Beach is the perfect place. You can even take advantage of the beachside restaurant for live music, food, and drinks while lounging on the sand.

Sandtrax Beach

Sandtrax Beach is another hidden beach of Fremantle. It’s a northern beach which is vital for the area. The Fremantle region is subject to the Fremantle Doctor, a large wind gust that blows through the city every day. It’s usually advised that beach-goers spend time in the morning before the wind begins to sweep the sand. Sandtrax Beach, however, is exempt from these winds because of the location. For this reason, you’ll be able to enjoy the usual beach activity favourites at any time of the day.

Cape Peron

The Perth coast is dominated by the Indian Ocean, where many of the beaches are located. There is another body of water further south down the coast from Be. Fremantle near Rockingham, called the Rockingham Lakes . Cape Peron is the best beach along this lake. The main draw to this beach is the biodiversity. There is an abundance of marine life surrounding the coral reefs and limestone cliffs extending from the water. The entire area has been preserved in the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park. Diving and snorkelling are common for exploring the coral reef and underwater caves.