Fremantle’s Best Restaurants You Should Book in Advance

Exterior view of the Bathers Beach House near Be Fremantle

Fremantle is known for a lot of things, and the dining experiences are some of the most common. Some restaurants in Fremantle have become so popular for tourists and locals alike, that it’s best to book them in advance to make sure you get in and avoid disappointment. From the exceptional cuisine to the unique atmosphere, there’s a dining venue for everyone.

Be. Fremantle accommodation are in an excellent locations for accessing many of the best restaurants in town, especially around Fremantle. You’ll always be a short distance away to make your reservation and our team can help you book in advance. Here are some of the top dining restaurants that our staff would recommend while staying with us.

The Mantle

The Mantle is a hip dining experience concept perfect for those who can’t decide on what to eat. The Mantle was established in a historic warehouse. It holds multiple restaurants, bars, and a kitchen for preparing different foods. It has become a destination for eating and drinking.

There’s something to eat that everyone can enjoy. Whether you’re looking for Asian-inspired dishes, authentic Italian pizza, or local Australian favorites, The Mantle has you covered. So grab a burger at Don Tapa or sip a brew at Alter Ego.


Image credit: The Mantle

Bathers Beach House

Many people come to Fremantle to enjoy one of the many beaches. You can spend even more time at the beach when you book a reservation at the Bathers Beach House. This storied venue is the first beachfront restaurant and bar to receive its liquor license in Australia.

Now you can enjoy the amenities of the restaurant without even leaving your beachside lounge chair. The staff can serve your food or drink while you relax on the beach. If the sun is too much, you can still dine inside the restaurant which has excellent views overlooking the beach.


Bread in Common

Bread in Common always ranks high for best restaurants in Fremantle. The bakery produces some of the best bread that you’ll find. Wood-fired bread handcrafted can be enjoyed alongside a variety of sandwiches or other handmade snacks and pastries. Gluten-free food options are also available such as chocolate cake or pork belly.

A lot of thought has gone into the concept of the restaurant that makes it a must-see. It’s set in an 1898 building provides a lot of natural light to the interior. All of the food is prepared in hand-built ovens called Hansel and Gretel.

Image Credit: Space Agency

The Raw Kitchen

The Raw Kitchen embraces the modern food trend of a healthier diet. The Raw Kitchen serves vegan and vegetarian dishes. They have plenty of options for gluten-free as well as organic foods. One thing that sets this restaurant apart is the rich flavors of the food while maintaining their health value. Every trip here could be different because the dishes are changed every season.

The Raw Kitchen was also established in a warehouse from the 1920s. The blend of modern restaurant and historic building adds to the unique dining experience. Upstairs of the restaurant even includes a yoga and studio space.


Char Char Bull

One of the chief charms of Fremantle is the waterfront. Dining at the Char Char Bull is the best way to enjoy the feature. It’s located on the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour where you can eat right on the deck terrace. Char Char Bull is an award-winning seafood and steakhouse restaurant. The restaurant’s specialties include pork belly and crispy fried squid.

Char Char Bull gives you the best value for what you’ll spend at the restaurants. The large portions of food that you’re served is perfect for sharing.

Little Creatures

Food and drink go hand in hand. You can get the best of both worlds at Little Creatures. Little Creatures is a famous local brewery in Fremantle than also has one of the best restaurants in town. The brewery offers its own experience of watching the brewing craft, but perhaps the highlight is being able to dine at the establishment. You’ll have a choice of indoor or outdoor dining, both accompanied y a vibrant atmosphere from the staff or guests enjoying the brew. Some of the food favorites at Little Creatures are the wood-fired pizza, sandwiches, or fresh seafood.

Little Creatures Brewery, Fremantle © Walter Bibikow

Manuka Woodfire Restaurant

Australia cuisine isn’t the only thing you’ll be able to enjoy in Fremantle. Manuka Woodfire Restaurant is where you’ll discover authentic Italian flavors. The main draw to the restaurant is the Woodfire pizza prepared in a Woodfire oven. The pizza is made from locally sourced produce and other ingredients.

Manuka has built a reputation for great food, but it’s also a place to dine if you’re interested in local drinks. The bar located within the restaurant serves local beer and wine. Manuka is a visitor-favorite so reservations can be worthwhile since it’s closed on Sunday and Monday.


Image credit: Fremantle Story


Propeller is an urban dining venue well worth the reservation to make sure you get in. It’s popular on the weekends for its exceptional brunch. Every day you have the choice of visiting for any meal. The Propeller offers an Australian interpretation of Middle Eastern cuisine. It comes included with a bar and cafe. Local or international drink favorites can be prepared along with your meal. You’ll also be able to dine outside to enjoy the warm weather. The lively atmosphere keeps guests coming back to the restaurant.


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