Six Things You Must Do When Travelling to Perth

The beach near Be Fremantle

Perth is Western Australia’s capital and largest city. It’s also one of the most popular travel destinations and for good reasons too. Perth has many exciting activities to keep you entertained during your visit. With a city that has so much to offer, it’s best to have an idea of a few things you’d like to see and do. We’ve picked out the top six things that you must do when travelling to Perth to save you the research!

Fremantle Tram Tour

Fremantle is the neighbouring city to Perth, just a short distance away. If you’re looking for a day trip activity, the Fremantle Tram Tour is something that you must do. The tram circles the entire city with stops at many of the Freo’s important attractions. The Fremantle Tram Tour is a hop-on/hop-off style, allowing you to experience the city at your own pace.

Highlights for the tram tour include the Fremantle Prison, which is the only UNESCO World Heritage Site in Western Australia, the Fishing Boat Harbour, the Roundhouse, the WA Maritime Museum, and the Fremantle Markets, where you can shop for local handicrafts and souvenirs. Tickets can be purchased for the tour for an all-day pass on riding the tram. Just board the tram at the nearest stop and get ready to see the best parts of the city.


Kings Park

Even though Perth is a major city, Kings Park is a temporary escape from the city life. Kings Park is the largest of several parks in Perth and even the world, larger than New York’s Central Park. Tourists and locals visit the park, attracting more than six million visitors annually. It should be on your list of things to do while in Perth to see what the buzz is about.

Kings Park has many attractions within itself. Visitors come to the park to see the diverse Western Australia flora and holds over 70 different species of birds. The park hosts various cultural events and activities all year round. On any given day, you can find many people enjoying leisure activities or having picnics around the park. Some of the notable features of the park include the Botanic Gardens, War Memorial, and lookout points for panoramic views of the Perth skyline.


Cottesloe Beach

You can’t visit Perth without stopping by one of the many beaches lining the city’s coast. Cottesloe Beach has been the choice beach for visitors for the past century. The soft white sand stretches longer than one kilometre, providing you with plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy the beach.

Cottesloe Beach is the ideal beach for enjoying water sports including swimming, surfing, snorkelling, or just relaxing and taking it all in. There is a world of rich marine life that is just waiting to be discovered just off the coast. Just off the sand you will find an abundance of cafes and restaurants located across the road from the beach and dotted amongst the character filled side streets, all waiting to be discovered. If you want something a little simpler, there is always the abundance of green grass to set up a picnic underneath the shade and overlook the water. Many visitors consider Cottesloe Beach one of the best places for watching the iconic Perth sunset over the Indian Ocean.


Swan Valley Wine Tour

Swan Valley is one of the hidden gems of Perth. Western Australia is home to several world-class wineries, many of which can be found in Swan Valley. Cruise down Swan River, and you’ll end up in the valley where you can set out on an exploration of the best wineries.

Swan Valley offers several wine tours, either with guides or a self-guided. The tours take you on a day trip through the valley to visit some of the top wineries where you’ll get to taste-test some of the best wines that Western Australia has to offer. In addition to sampling wine, the wineries showcase local produce, such as locally-made cheese, chocolate, and honey.

Swim With Dolphins

One way to make your trip to Perth even more memorable is by taking part in one of the unique opportunities found in Perth. Many destinations around the world offer the chance to swim with dolphins, but in Perth, you get to enjoy the experience in their natural habitat. Cruise from Perth to Rockingham Bay where 180 wild dolphins call their home. The dolphins are more than happy to welcome you into their habitat to enjoy a swim for the day.

A Swim with Dolphin tour lasts three to six hours and fully prepares you for the experience. Gear and equipment are provided. Snorkelling lessons are also available before heading out into the water. There is a high rate of dolphin encounters at this location, but in case of a rare occurrence where no dolphins are present, tour providers are ready to re-book you. Lunch and refreshments are available throughout the tour.


Rottnest Island

A trip to Rottnest Island is something everyone should do when visiting Perth. With just a short ferry ride from the mainland, you’ll find yourself on Rottnest Island. An interesting fact about the island is that it has no cars, so walking and cycling are the best ways to get around the island.

The ferry arrives in Thomson Bay, at the historic settlement. The Thomson Settlement has many attractions to showcase the town’s past and culture. You can choose to explore the island by bike, bus, or adventure boat, all of which can be organised when booking your ferry or at the settlement when you arrive. There are so many things just waiting to be discovered; picturesque beaches, a variety of water activities from surfing some of WA’s best waves to snorkelling the island’s underwater world. Outside of the water you will get the opportunity to see the very friendly quokka, a native marsupial unique only to Rottnest. The quokka is famous for many visitors wanting to get a selfie with these very photogenic locals.


The Best Location To Stay?

Perth is a destination that has lots of things to do in and around the city. Visitors who stay at the Be.Fremantle property are in the best location to explore many of these fantastic sights. Make the most of day trips to enjoy the best that Western Australia has to offer, you’ll be glad that you decided to visit Perth.