Sunset Locations You Don’t Want To Miss When Visiting Perth

Boats docked by the pier near Be Fremantle

Perth is arguably one of the best places in the entire World for viewing the sunset. We all know that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Perth has the perfect location along Australia’s western coast. There are countless places where you can enjoy the sun setting into the Indian Ocean around Perth. When you stay at one of the Be.Fremantle properties, you’ll have easy access to the best sunset locations in Perth.

Fremantle Boat Harbour

The Fremantle Boat Harbour is an iconic place for watching the sunset. Be.Fremantle properties have close proximity to the harbor, making it a likely choice, especially for first-time visitors. The Fremantle Boat Harbour is already a popular tourist destination and local hangout. Many people make a day out of visiting the harbor. It’s lined with restaurants, shops, and bars. You can spend the day here while awaiting the sunset. When the time approaches, you’ll be treated with great views of the sun setting as the backdrop to the docked fishing boats. Many of the restaurants provide viewing decks for enjoying the sunset while dining or drinking. Many of the top sunset sailing tours also originate from Fremantle Boat Harbour.

Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe Beach is one of the top beaches in Perth, and perhaps all of Western Australia. The breath-taking sunsets are a significant reason for its popularity. It’s the perfect beach for swimming, snorkeling, and kite-surfing. People also visit the beach for leisure time such as walking or cycling. Anyone who visits Cottesloe Beach will tell you that it’s one of the best places for watching the sunset.

There are several options of where you can view the sunset along the beach. Of course the beach itself it a great place to start. Many people come to Cottesloe to picnic or enjoy the outdoor music concerts that play through the evening. There are also restaurants such as Barchetta and the Indiana restaurant providing great viewing platforms and balconies for the sunset.


Gooseberry Hill

A view of the sunset over the ocean isn’t the only way to experience the natural wonder. A short drive outside of Perth will take you to another one of the top locations for viewing the sunset. About a half-hour drive from Perth’s city centre, and you’ll discover Gooseberry Hill. Gooseberry Hill overlooks the entire city of Perth, making it a favourite destination for viewing the sunset. As you look out towards the west, panoramic views of the Perth skyline can be seen against the backdrop of the sunset.

Even reaching the top of Gooseberry Hill can be an exciting journey. The zig-zag roads wind around the mountain. You’ll pass through cliffs and trees before arriving at the peak. Photographers will have the perfect shot of the Perth sunset.

Park Street

If you’re looking for an unconditional viewing location for watching the sunset while in Perth, Park Street may be just the place that you’re looking for. By now, most people have heard about this destination as a place for viewing the sunset, but it’s still one of the undiscovered gems for sunsets in Perth. Park Street is a steep road that climbs above a residential neighborhood, giving you unobstructed views above the beach houses. The trick for this location is driving along the road until you reach an ideal spot for viewing the sunset as there isn’t just one specific place for the fantastic view. Once you’re settled in the perfect spot, sit back and relax while the sunsets over the panoramic view of the Perth coastline.

Colonial Gardens

Perth is a major city but has many outdoor parks. The parks are a great way to escape some of the hustle and bustle of Perth, but also for watching the sunset. Several of these parks can be found along the riverside. One of the best parks to visit in Perth for amazing sunsets is Colonial Gardens. Colonial Gardens surrounds you by nature for leisure or relaxing while enjoying the sunset.

Sunsets in the Colonia Gardens are unique. While you’re surrounded by trees and even mansions, as the sun begins to set, the rays peek through the natural environment, providing a rare glow that you won’t find anywhere else in Perth.

Rottness Island

Rottnest Island is a popular day trip location for visitors to Perth and a must see for some of the most spectacular sunsets Western Australia has to offer. It’s located just off the coast with Be.Fremantle offering accommodation and Rottness trip packages to the island.

Watch the skies glow with magnificent orange sunsets overlooking the rocky beach shore. The following image was taken at Pinky Beach in Rottnest Island.


Bold Park

Bold Park is located in City Beach, one of the best beaches in Perth. The park itself, however, is far from the beach environment. The landscape consists of bushland with diverse wildlife and wilderness. The unique setting is why it’s one of the best locations in Perth for watching the sunset. Tourism is prevalent here. The park is covered with walking trails. Volunteers provide many walking tours. As you can imagine, sunset walks are some of the most popular tours provided at Bold Park.

The Bold Park sunset walking tours take you on a journey from the Ecology Centre to the top of Reabold Hill, the highest point in the park. From here, you’ll have picturesque views of the sunset overlooking Rottnest Island.

Point Resolution Reserve

A more subtle yet equally amazing place for viewing the sunset in Perth is at the Point Resolution Reserve. You’ll be surprised at the amount of wealth in this suburb of the city. It’s one of the most affluent areas in Australia, possibly thanks to the natural beauty of it. Point Resolution Reserve is a family destination for fun during the day before witnessing the sun sets. There’s a dedicated kids play area along with plenty of walking trails. Sunsets at Point Resolution Reserve occur over Swan Lake. It’s a relatively small park, but the combination of the lake and bushland make it an excellent setting for watching the sunset.

Be.Fremantle Sunsets Are A Highlight For Travellers

Sunsets are one of the major attractions for visitors to Perth. Staying at the Be.Fremantle properties put you near many of these top locations for watching the sunset. You can either spend time out in the city before the evening time or head out just before the sun sets to catch the breath-taking views.  Be Fremantle’s waterfront location also provides many apartments with their own front row seat to viewing the amazing sunsets on offer.