6 Must-See Attractions in Fremantle for Travellers

Historic building in Fremantle near Be Fremantle

Fremantle, or Freo as the locals refer to it, is the major port city of Perth. It’s become one of the top cities to visit for travelers to Western Australia. The family-friendly destination attracts visitors from around the world. It’s most known for the scenic beauty along the Indian Ocean coast. It’s famous for historic sites and full of history to discover amongst the famous landmarks. There are must-see attractions for anybody who comes to Fremantle.

The Roundhouse

The Roundhouse is one of the most notable places to see while visiting Fremantle. It’s recognized as the oldest building in Western Australia, being built in 1831.

The structure was initially intended for a prison. It was designed will cells around the perimeter that open up to a central courtyard. It’s a place that was built for prisoners by prisoners. It was later converted to a residence for the chief of the colony after the establishment of the Fremantle Prison.

The Roundhouse eventually transferred ownership to the city, which has aided in the preservation of it. It was opened to the public and has since grown into a major tourist attraction. You’ll be able to walk along the original limestone walls. Volunteer tour guides are present at the site for providing the history of the Roundhouse. Every day, the cannon atop the building is fired off at 1:00 pm. Some visitors choose to come much later in the day for an excellent view of the sunset over the beach.


Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour

The Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour is a prominent hub for locals and tourists. You’ll get the chance to experience everything from a vibrant atmosphere at times, or a tranquil place to visit while in Fremantle.

The original settlement of what is now called Fremantle began thanks to the harbour. The fishing industry thrived in the city, and the harbour itself was home to over a hundred boats that would dock here.

While the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour is still active today, it has transformed into a major tourist destination. Alongside the harbour is a boardwalk where you can enjoy dozens of restaurants, bars, or take a stroll to see the scenery. Restaurants along the harbour are where you’ll find the freshest seafood in the city. One of the most popular dishes is fish and chips. The boat harbor is also filled with street artwork. Mini statues depicting life as a fisherman can be seen at the various docks.


Fremantle Prison

Fremantle’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site is located at the Fremantle Prison. The prison was established in 1855. It initially held prisoners arriving from Britain was soon began to hold local prisoners. The prison is currently inactive but had become a major place to see while visiting the city.

The Fremantle Prison covers more than 15 acres, consisting of cells, cottages, tunnels, etc. Many of the original structure is still intact thanks to restoration efforts. Many of the prison buildings have been converted into venues to support its tourism. It includes a visitors centre, galleries for historical exhibitions, and performance venues.

There’s plenty to do and see while at the Fremantle Prison. Guided tours are available at the site. You’ll get a chance to learn about life in the prison and even known escape routes. Other events are hosted here for re-enacting scenes from prison.


South Beach

The Fremantle Boat Harbour isn’t the only benefit to the coastline. Fremantle is also a popular destination for its beaches. There are four primary beaches, the local favorite being South Beach. It’s a short drive from the city centre but also accessible by ferry or the railway system. Its accessibility makes it a great place to go for leisure activities in Fremantle.

Many people come to South Beach for swimming, kite surfing, or lounging around on the white sand. It’s a family friendly beach where you can enjoy picnics during the day or catching the scenic sunset by the day’s end.

South Beach has a lively atmosphere. Events are frequently hosted at the beach. Food trucks can be found along the beach selling local dishes or unique food specialties. Nearby South Beach you can find various restaurants and cafes for a snack.


Fremantle Arts Centre

There’s sure to be some event or activity going on when you stop by the Fremantle Arts Centre. The arts centre is a multi-arts venue that hosts cultural activities related to art and music.

The Fremantle Arts Centre is the largest public building constructed from convict labour in the 1860s. It initially served as a psychiatric hospital but later renovated and converted into a cultural hub.

Art is a critical component of the Fremantle Arts Centre. All year long, it hosts several art programs, exhibitions, artists residencies, and art courses. Anyone from children to adults can take part in the programs sponsored by the centre. Exhibits also showcase local art and international exhibitions.

The Fremantle Arts Centre is also a place to go for music entertainment while in Fremantle. Outdoor concerts are typically hosted throughout the Summer. Shows here can attract upwards of a few thousand people. The entertainment ranges from local artists to international talent.


Fremantle Markets

Fremantle has a lot of local heritage that you can get a taste of at the Fremantle Markets. The Fremantle Markets is a large, indoor market with over 150 shops. Shops vary from independent shops, food vendors, and more. The market is divided into two sections: the Historical Hall and The Yard.

The Fremantle Market has been an active market for over 100 years after being established in 1897. Its reputation grew from being a choice destination for wholesale goods. It’s now one of the cities main tourist attractions.

The Historic Hall is where you’ll find locally made crafts, clothing, and miscellaneous merchants. You’ll discover authentic indigenous products and souvenirs. The Yard highlights local food in Fremantle. There are plenty of options for tasting some of the local street food dishes or buying fresh fruits and vegetables.

Directly behind the Fremantle Market is the Fremantle Market Heritage Trail. The path takes you on a historical journey nearby the market, revealing a lot of the historical, colonial architecture from Fremantle’s early years.


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